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Strum Your Way To High School Credit

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Are you interested in learning guitar? Why not get high school credit at the same time?

You can complete an accredited high school guitar class and receive school credit for your music lessons.

Here are five reasons to consider an online guitar class:

1. Get rewarded for your hard work

If you're already planning on putting in the effort and time to learn guitar, getting school credit for your learning is an added bonus. Life as a teenager is already busy, with school, work, extracurricular activities, family, and friends all demanding attention. Combining music practice with school work is one way to work smarter, not harder.

2. Have a structured method of learning

Some beginning guitarists use online videos on sites such as YouTube to try to learn the basics. However, having a tried-and-true developed course with a professional teacher will guide you through the steps you need to be musically successful. Learning guitar all on your own by listening to songs and trying to replicate them on your instrument is possible but can be difficult and frustrating without the proper foundations.

3. Start with good technique

Musicians that learn good technique from the beginning, including correct fingering, rhythm, strumming patterns, and so forth are more likely to be able to play the repertoire they desire and not have to unlearn incorrect habits. Online guitar courses will usually start with basic chords such as D, A, and E strumming in 4-bar measures, then progress to more difficult chords and patterns as the course goes on. Depending on your musical background, ear training and music theory can be valuable tools provided by your teacher.

4. Go at your own pace

Unlike classroom courses, many online music lessons have the option to complete the sections at your own desired speed and customize the class schedule to your availability. This way, you can dedicate more or less time each week to your class, depending on your other commitments.

5. Develop a lifelong hobby

Guitar is a skill with near-immediate payoff. With only two or three chords, you can already play a large selection of songs and even write your own. Unlike some instruments which fit a certain genre of music, guitar offers the possibility to play everything from folk to country to rock, adapting to your personal style. Whether you want to make music your career or simply have a fun hobby, taking an online guitar class is the perfect way to start.

Contact your high school to learn more about receiving an online high school guitar credit.