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3 Ways To Use Live Gigs To Promote Your Music

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Much of the music industry has become highly technical in recent years. An artist can compose, produce, and even perform his or her music without ever coming face-to-face with fans. But just because you can do everything in a digital format doesn't mean that you should.

Personal interaction can be a valuable tool in helping you grow your fanbase and achieve greater success. Live gigs can easily be used to promote your music in new and interesting ways.

1. Announce New Songs

A live gig is the perfect place to announce any new songs or albums that you plan to release in the near future. The people in attendance at the show will receive a preview of your new music when you perform a song from your upcoming album.

This teaser gets people interested and can drive traffic to your online download sites. The more people who are made aware of your releases before they happen, the higher your download numbers will be once the music becomes public.

2. Share Your Personality

A lot of fans fall in love not only with a musician's work but with the musicians themselves. It's important that your fans are able to get a sense of who you are as a person. Live shows provide the perfect platform for doing this.

You can talk with fans between songs, share personal stories, and create an intimacy that cannot be achieved through digital interaction. Selling yourself is the key to selling more music, so don't be afraid to use live shows to let fans see those aspects of your personality that they can respect and admire.

3. Expand Your Audience

Performing live shows is a great way to expand your audience in new cities. The more fans that you can create, the more people who will be looking forward to any music release you put out.

A great way to gain recognition is to offer to open for a local band that has already established an audience in the city you are targeting. You can offer to let the band open for you in your hometown so that both parties are able to expose themselves to a new audience. People who may otherwise never hear of your music will be able to appreciate your artistry once they hear you perform in a live show.

Music promotion can be tricky, but you shouldn't overlook the power that live performances hold. Book live gigs to promote your music if you hope to experience greater recognition and success in the future. Visit a site like to find out more about music artist promotion.