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Three Key Tips For Marching Band Directors Choosing A Music Arranger

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If you're a band director, a huge responsibility you have is hiring a music arranger. This person creates authentic music to complete your ensemble. When selecting one of these professionals, these tips will prove helpful. 

Sample Some Music 

One of the most important aspects of hiring one of these specialists is actually listening to their music. You can then determine if their style and overall vision for music will work for your particular marching band.

The best place to find these samples is on an arranger's website. They should have several songs that you can listen for, at least for several minutes. Concentrate on the melody and composition of their arrangements. If after hearing multiple songs you feel confident in an arranger's work, see if you can secure some complete arrangements. You'll then be able to make a more informed decision.

Talk to Previous Clients 

Most marching band arrangers have worked with many clients throughout their work history. You should take it upon yourself to reach out to these previous clients so you can make a better assessment of a particular music arranger. Focus on key details that these previous clients provide, such as the professionalism, time management, and overall music production of a particular arranger.  

If there are any red flags with these aspects, it may be best to continue searching. For example, you wouldn't want to work with a music arranger that is consistently late or submits arrangements well past their deadline. After all, you have a marching band to manage and to get ready for the next upcoming show. 

Set up an Interview 

Sometimes the best way to find out whether or not a music arranger is right for your marching band is to set up an interview with them. You can then ask them important questions face-to-face. Be sure to ask the arranger how much experience they have, where they studied music, and what types of rewards they've received since starting work in this field. 

You should also take this time to see what their rates are. These will vary from arranger to arranger. Asking about them early on in the interview lets you know right away if they'll work for your marching band's budget or not. 

Having a successful marching band isn't possible without the right music arranger. It's your job as the band director to carefully choose this professional, which will involve assessing impactful factors. With time and research, you can choose the marching band arrangement services that'll pan out long-term.