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How To Take Care Of Your First Piano

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A piano is a great way to be introduced to the world of music. It's also a significant investment. Here are some ways to take care of the piano. 

Keep the Keys Covered

The lid of the piano is there for a reason. It helps keep out dust and moisture. Dust makes the keys harder to play, as it can get caked in between the keys and make them stickier. When dust combines with a bit of moisture, that film can get stuck and be hard to remove. Moisture affects the tuning of the keys, which will wear them down and make the piano less enjoyable to listen to. 

Don't Pound on the Keys

Pounding on the keys can damage the action mechanisms for the keys. Don't play with excessive amounts of force. Sure, it may look like the pros are hammering away at the keys, but they have perfected the science of getting loud sounds out of the piano while also keeping their playing light and precise. Similarly, don't let someone who doesn't know how to play the piano beat around on the keys. Loud playing requires the right force, in the right place, to avoid damaging the keys. 

Keep Food Away from the Piano

Isn't it tempting to enjoy a nice drink or snack during your practice time, whether it be right after work or school? Unfortunately, food and pianos don't mix. Don't eat while playing the piano, and wash your hands before playing the instrument after eating. 

Get Piano Tuning Services

Professional piano tuning services are the best way to keep your instrument playable. Poor tuning sounds terrible, and it can affect your progress as a musician. It's better to listen to correctly tuned notes so that you get a feel for how the piano should sound. Plus, bad tuning is hard on the piano. It creates uneven tension on the strings, which wears them down over time and places tension on the piano's structure. 

The only way to get your piano tuned is to do it professionally. Tuning a piano can take several hours if it's badly out of tune, and the instruments used to tune the piano are sensitive. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Atlanta  Piano Tuning By Ear.

Hopefully, these maintenance items shouldn't take too much time out of your practice routine, or too much money out of your wallet. Just a little bit of maintenance will make your piano all the more joyous to play.